I have tried MANY crash diets and workout rituals.
After having my children and being sick on toxic medication, I decided I would completely change my life. I found Feline Fitness on groupon and my friends and I began our journey! We have NOT STOPPED YET!  Kat is the most down to earth, sassy and beautiful person. She is challenging yet encouraging. The results that I am getting are beyond what I imagined and I FEEL like myself again! I finally chose me! I'm able to be active with my 2 toddlers and my husband is amazed at how driven I am (& the results :)! I can't go a day without my sessions and I don't see me stopping EVER! I have introduced countless clients and they have all signed up and stayed! This is NOT a crash program! My body is looking and feeling better than it has in YEARS and I'm doing it the HEALTHY way with the never ending support of Kat. Feline Fitness has changed my life!
I believe it was this past Christmas that my best friend let me know she was joining a bootcamp. I agreed to it.. New Year.. New Me! I was already changing my eating habits... Becoming more conscious of what I ate but not working out as I should. I was ready for a lifestyle change. I started and couldn't believe how hard I sweated and how sore I was (Lol)!!! Katherine pushed me in all directions and encouraged me in positives way of working out. I have become addicted and would recommend her to anyone. She has a beautiful spirit and a " You can Do It Attitude". My body has changed in areas where I was amazed and I feel great!!! With my clean eating and my Incredible Trainer Kat, this has been a lifestyle change. Such a blessing she has been in my life and couldn't imagine doing this without her! Thank you sooooo much!!!


Offers Accountability & Great Service!


I had a goal of losing 10 lbs and doing major toning for a professional dance team audition. Feline Fitness worked my 'butt' but I mean the workout was not a joke, yet I appreciated every moment because not only did I get selected for the team but I've continued to attend every bootcamp because I understand now how important fitness is and know that if you don't continue you'll lose everything you ever worked for! They helped me with my nutrition plan, workout, and tracked with me the entire time! Accountability is key!! Thanks Feline Fitness! It's well worth the investment!

Founder, Director of Pas de Groove Foundation, Inc.


Before joining Feline Fitness, I had a lot of bad experiences with different personal trainers in the city. I can honestly say that Feline Fitness was worth the investment. The personal trainer that I had really cared about her clients and I lost a lot of weight. I would definitely recommend Feline Fitness.